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Our Mission

Life is enriched by informed career decisions.  Communities have the human assets to help young people make more informed decisions.  Our mission is to help communities enrich the career lives of young people.

About the Harraseeket Foundation

Our Pathways program gives local community organizations the tools to help their younger members make more informed career decisions.  Pathways offers younger members greater access to the wisdom and experience of older members of the communities.  The result: stronger relationships between older and younger members, and more intentional and focused career exploration.

Our mission is to inspire and support Pathways programs in community organizations everywhere.

What We Believe

A small group of us embarked on this journey because we believe these two things:

  1. Many young people can do more to make informed career decisions.  We should know because when we were younger we could have been more informed about our career paths.  Careers chosen without talking much to those who have travelled the path. Job offers accepted without really exploring why (other than earning a living).
  2. Community organizations  — think houses of worship and civic organizations — can be wonderful places for young people to make more informed career decisions.  Why?  Because communities have a fantastic untapped asset: career experience and wisdom in the older members of the organization.
Harraseeket's Role

We love the mentoring movement.  Mentoring has been around as long as humans have been on earth.  It is growing in so many ways, with so many different goals. The internet has helped enormously, allowing easier access to experience and wisdom.  Many different kinds of organizations are supporting mentoring.  We enthusiastically support this movement and encourage young people to take advantage of it, in whatever way fits.

We think communities can do more to encourage young people to take advantage of whats out there.  Communities have an asset to help them do that – the experience and wisdom of older members.  Harraseekets Pathways program is designed to help young members access that asset.

Why "Harraseeket"?

“Harraseeket” is inspired by the name of a river that empties into a beautiful harbor in South Freeport, Maine, where Steve Parker, one of the Harraseeket founders, grew up.  The street where he grew up is called Harraseeket Road. The harbor is fully enclosed, protecting hundreds of boats from almost any weather, guarded by a narrow, rocky entrance.  Harraseeket Harbor has become a favorite destination for sailors cruising the Maine coast.   

The Harraseeket Team
Click on name to see biography

Leslie Speidel

Career Coach

Jeanette Litchewski

Special Projects Manager

Liz Velander

Special Projects Manager and Law Clerk

Peter Vorkink

Resource Adviser

Steve Parker

Co-Founder & Director

Lynley Ogilvie

Director and Program Manager

Mindy Crandus Sircus

Founding Director, Chair of the Board

Paul Shiffman

Founding Director

Wally Hamsher


Larissa Dinh

Head of Product

Anna Marie Hollar

Visual Effects Web Designer

Sarah Erickson

Head of Design

Julia Black

Special Projects Analyst

Dianne McCune

Content Editor

Immanuel Advisory Board

We have an advisory team of 13 on the Immanuel Presbyterian Church Advisory Board, the majority of which are Pathways seekers. (Every seeker also is a Pathways mentor.)

  • Aaron Bode
  • Alex Abi-Najm
  • Billy Kluttz
  • Doug Mar
  • Katie Strednak Singer
  • Liz Velander
  • Luke Fisher
  • Lynley Ogilvie
  • Rob Hefferon
  • Sarah Erickson
  • Steph Berkin
  • Steve Parker
  • Tina Long

Professional advisers

Arnold & Porter LLP – Tax and IP Counsel

Baskin, Jackson & Lasso, P.C. – Virginia Counsel

Copilevitz & Canter, LLC  – Counsel for Fundraising

Alcorn & Cureton, Ltd – Accountants

Corporate and Tax Status

The Harraseeket Foundation was incorporated in 2010 as a Virginia non-stock (nonprofit) corporation. It is registered as a tax-exempt public charity (EIN 27-2060668), which permits tax-deductible donations to the extent permitted by law.

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