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Why We’re Here

Why We’re Here

Welcome to the Harraseeket Signposts Blog!

A small group of us embarked on this journey because we believe two things:

  1. Many young people could do more to make informed career decisions. We should know, because when we were younger we could have been more informed about the career paths we chose.  Careers chosen after little conversation with those in our chosen career. Job offers accepted without adequately exploring why (other than earning a living).
  2. Community organizations, such as houses of worship, can be perfect for helping young people make more informed career decisions.  Why? Because communities often have an untapped asset: career experience and wisdom, in the older members.

These beliefs drove us to develop a program we call “Pathways.” Pathways is designed to make it easy for community organizations to tap their career experience asset. The beauty of this for young members is that they connect with mentors they know and trust, in their communities.

We love the growing career mentoring movement. We enthusiastically encourage young people to take advantage of it. Pathways fills an important, specific niche in the movement – focusing on helping local community organizations participate. The Harraseeket Foundation is here to help communities create their own Pathways programs, led by mentors that young people know and trust.

Immanuel Presbyterian Church in McLean, Va is running a Pathways program. The results so far are gratifying, as you can see on the Pathways Communities page of our website.

We look forward to taking Pathways to other houses of worship and civic organizations. We can’t wait to help communities make a difference in the career paths of their younger members.

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