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Steve didn’t want to be a doctor because he hates blood and he preferred not to work at a large anonymous corporation.  Steve thought about the ministry when he was a teenager and never discussed the idea with anyone in the ministry. He decided to go to law school without talking to a lawyer about it. Law school seemed like a plausible option because it bought him 3 more years of school before going into the workforce and because he likes to argue.  He was a college debater, after all.

Next thing Steve knew, he’d spent 32 years at Arnold & Porter, a large DC law firm.  Steve did all kinds of corporate and deal work in different industries, including banking, technology and the music industry. Then he discovered life sciences deals. He found he could make a difference helping entrepreneurial scientists with their ideas for improving human health. The law turned out to be a pretty good career path.

While Steve was at Arnold & Porter, he formed The Harraseeket Foundation with a few friends, hoping after he retired from law that he could provide tools to communities that want to help their younger members make informed life and career decisions. He’s having a blast doing it!

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