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Helping young people imagine their future

Exploration programs for communities

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About Us

The Harraseeket Foundation is a Virginia-based public charity supporting communities interested in programs that support young people.

Harraseeket is pronounced “hair-a-SEEK-it.”

Our mission is to support communities that help young people imagine their future.

We have designed, and offer communities, a program we call “Pathways” to help communities encourage young people to take advantage of an underused asset:  the wisdom and experience of their members.

Harraseeket is looking for caring communities that want to empower emerging adults to imagine a meaningful future.


“Imagining Your Future” is a program being tested at Immanuel Presbyterian Church that supports teams exploring life’s important questions together. Each team has three members: a high school or college student, a young adult and an older adult. Teams commit to regular meetings to discuss thought-provoking books, articles, videos and exercises described in “modules.”

In February 2020 we hosted a half-day vocation fair for students from eight area high schools, with 23 different panelists running a variety of breakout sessions.  Our forums now are on Zoom, including one for high school students on deciding on a college major.

What We Do

The Harraseeket Foundation has created a program called “Pathways.”  Pathways empowers communities to help young people imagine their future, which is about much more than careers.  We like to think it also involves “how to live a well-lived life” or “how to live a life of real meaning.”

About Pathways

Our Pathways program offers communities the tools and resources to help young people access the wisdom and experience of members of the community.

Programs Offered

We’ve developed an online platform for communities that connects members, supports group forums, provides resources, and inspires exploration.

Our Focus

We work with communities that want to support young people as they imagine their future. Houses of worship are ideal Pathways communities.

Meet a Mentor

Pathways resources include video and written mentor stories.  Here is one mentor’s story of how she became a small business owner and what landscape design means to her.

Each community can inspire the young people it supports with stories like this from their members.

Recent Feedback

I loved having the opportunity to meet with [my seeker].  She was so open, warm, and eager to learn about how I had navigated my career path and about some of the choices I made along the way.  While it became clear fairly early in our discussion that our career paths were not likely to be very similar, I felt that we connected and both benefitted from considering questions we posed to one another, including, for example, what we see as our greatest personal skills and gifts that we would hope to utilize in the workplace.  [The seeker] commented to me that she felt that was a good question that she had never really fully considered in that way.  After [the seeker] thoughtfully responded to this question, I’d like to think that she had a bit more clarify and direction that could prove helpful as she considers various job opportunities and her career path.  In the end, I walked away with much to think about myself and, if the truth be told, I likely benefitted from the meeting as much, if not more, than [the seeker], who is a truly remarkable person.

Jenna Litchewski
Pathways Mentor

I have had a great experience with Pathways. The connections I’ve made have helped me explore job opportunities, feel more confident in my abilities, and think about my career from a fresh perspective.

Liz Velander
Pathways Seeker

My first conversation with my mentor was incredibly organic, supportive, and fun. I learned a valuable perspective from her, that career paths aren’t always linear and are often enriched by your openness to opportunities. I intend to carry this with me on my career journey, and have greatly enjoyed our newly fostered relationship and correspondence.

Julia Black
Pathways Seeker

My experience with Pathways has been much more than traditional mentoring — I call it conversing and sharing. We don’t know where it goes but the journey is rewarding so far. It affirms my long-held view of Immanuel as a family.

Rich Bissell
Pathways Mentor


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